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The Future of Workforce Engagement

  What are today’s employees looking for from their employer?  Global research points to their number-one “want”…   Engage2Excel recently sat down with Chief Scientific Officer Jack Wiley, Ph.D., to look at what the future holds for workforce engagement. For nearly 30 years—across all major industries, job types and generational...

Encourage the Flame, Don’t Snuff it Out

Creativity – is an unseen power in people.  Ask yourself, are you a leader who keeps the flame burning or contributes to snuffing it out, thereby diminishing your team’s potential?  

Preparing for Change: 2018 Organizational Development Trends

We all know how critical it is to our industries to anticipate changes and be mindful of evolving trends that might impact our businesses.  Being attuned to these developments enables us to better position ourselves, our employees and our business strategies and priorities. Source: OnPoint Consulting, Darlene DeRosa (November 2017)...

Book Review – MINDSET – The New Psychology of Success

Joelle K Marquis recommends this book and offers this excerpt:   “Many people think of the brain as a mystery.  They don’t know much about intelligence and how it works.  When they do think about what intelligence is, many people believe that a person is born smart, average, or dumb—and stays...