JKMArsenal’s approach to human capital starts with our human capital mission, which is to develop high functioning organizations with top-quality people and the culture, the capabilities and the behaviors, to meet strategic operational and financial goals. That breaks down into six key objectives:

  • Attracting exceptional talent and expertise to the arsenal team,
  • Strong alignment between the Arsenal team and the portfolio company,
  • Having recruiting, development and retention practices in place for top talent,
  • Having organizational design and capabilities which are aligned with the company’s strategies and their goals,
  • Ensuring strong, positive cultures, and
  • Enabling faster teamwork and coordination across the organization.

Our significant Human Capital experience and expertise is a key differentiator and has yielded us a less the 5% unintended turnover rate – that’s unheard of in the market!

Our systematic approach, extensive network and quality reputation helps us attract superior management talent and has allowed us to produce superior results. Our companies consistently achieve our strategic milestones in a timely manner, which means our revenue and EBITDA growth substantially outpace industry averages.

We have a strong commitment to human capital throughout the entire investment life cycle and a very intentional approach to people’s success. Human capital is a top priority for us – we invest in our talent – and we do it early in the deal!

– Joelle Marquis, Partner