Be a Future Focused Leader!


What is your present leadership style?

Do you have the ability to become more intentional about your leadership time and vision for the future?


The events of the leader’s past are history and becoming more outdated and irrelevant by the moment…

…the present is very important but, as fleeting as a wisp, it will quickly be gone.

It is quite possible that your present leadership day is typically full of the unexpected, the surprise events and usually the crisis du jour. Is it easy to admit? If you are in that state of crisis, then you are likely in reaction mode most of the time.

How to get out of this high demand, low-energy cycle?

You have the ability to become more intentional, to increase your leadership time casting the promising vision of tomorrow. Think through the strategies and the tactics that can drive success and who will do what to execute them. What obstacles need to be overcome? What resources are required? Whom do you need to convince or persuade to obtain these resources?

This process is quite similar with your leadership team. Don’t harp on about the failures and miscues of the past.

Please don’t limit the value of individuals by narrowly viewing them as they are today. See those individuals for what they can become tomorrow with your investment and coaching.

Be a Future-Focused Leader who casts the vision, models the way, encourages the spirit and is continuously building a bright, growing, energizing and inspiring tomorrow.

Future leaders Cast, Model and Grow to meet the ever expanding opportunities that will present.

William Cordivari
Executive Strategist



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