Be the Unique Leader You Were Designed to Be


Yes UNIQUE!  Leaders possess individuality in their talents, skills, values, and styles.  How you blend and apply those characteristics makes you unique.  Be confident – you have the tools needed to be among the best leaders…

By Dr. Stephen G. Payne, Chairman Leadership Strategies


You are a leader.  You know that…

…and at some level you know that leaders come in many different sizes, shapes, voices, and personalities.

They also have different values and behaviors. You know this because you have personally observed it. So then why do you compare yourself against some other leader and conclude that you are lacking or inadequate?

Don’t get me wrong. I fully endorse living with high standards and measuring your performance against relevant benchmarks.  But too often leaders compare themselves to the best of the best and allow their confidence and optimism to be shaken as a result.

This is self-defeating and counter-productive.

Every one of us is created with unique talents and skills that differentiate us. Let’s not conclude we’re inadequate based upon what we lack. Rather let’s recognize the 3-4 key strengths and skills that come naturally to us and make that our unique personal leadership platform upon which we stand and build.

For example, there are leaders who are great writers and they maximize written communications to elaborate strategy and align their team. Others who are great orators create great impact in front of a crowd to accomplish the same result. A software geek became CEO of a major airline and created a unique proprietary software scheduling system for critical strategic advantage and marketplace success.

As a leader, it is critical that you recognize that you have all that you need to be successful – to cast a vision, to set the pace, to model the way and align your team.

Trust in your core values and the unique strengths that define who you are. If you do, you will find less angst, more joy and greater results in your role as leader.

William Cardivari

Executive Strategist 

What matters most to us is that all your

leadership potential is aligned toward growth.


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