Encourage the Flame, Don’t Snuff it Out

Creativity – is an unseen power in people.  Ask yourself, are you a leader who keeps the flame burning or contributes to snuffing it out, thereby diminishing your team’s potential?


A leader preoccupied with seeing what’s wrong misses something huge…

…the unseen power to grow at the inner core of each person.

The power tries to express itself in everything they do, even the things that go wrong. Preoccupation with what’s wrong limits that power. Fear presses in. Mental chitchat closes things down. Spontaneous and quirky growth ideas become too risky.

But that’s not all. There’s another unseen power that exists between people. It causes ideas to be created together. Working cooperatively yields far more than creating alone, but it takes trust and determination to come out to play with a colleague.

No team ever came up with great solutions by constantly worrying about the things they are doing wrong. Think about that the next time you say your people don’t have good ideas.

In the business world it’s too easy to let process, metrics and rapid judgement rule. Try to balance it. Consciously realize the incredible unseen power in people. Encourage fresh and different ideas. Send signals that you want cooperation to create the best ideas for growth.

Encourage the flame, don’t snuff it out.

Bob Weinhold
President, Leadership Strategies

What matters most to us is that all your leadership

potential is aligned toward growth.



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