On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! Ensure that you Start on the Starting Line …







In our business life, we are consistently provided the opportunity to run many ‘races’.

Typical examples of business races:

  • Key company acquisitions;
  • Attaining critical business objectives, both short and long term;
  • Delivering growth from a One Page Plan; and
  • Properly ensuring that key leadership is in place for the company’s next stage of growth.

Your leadership is instrumental in ensuring that you start each of these races on time and in the correct location. Arriving with the right team, prepared for the course ahead, and injury free is quite challenging in the business climate of today.

Race Preparation begins with each leader. A false start can happen when too much excitement clouds judgement that prevents the execution of necessary sequences. A delayed start can happen when confidence is low and distractions are plentiful. Starting injured can happen when the team has not been built with the ideal resources and training, or not built to reinforce key areas of vulnerability.

As you awake today, know that you have prepared well for the start of the race. As you arrive at the office or onsite with a client, smile with the confidence that comes from knowing you will not be slow to react at the start. And as you and your team run the race, know that you have the capabilities from within to succeed, celebrate, and then prepare for the next race to begin.

“On your marks, get set, GO!”

Bob Weinhold
President, Leadership Strategies



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