Book Reviews

  • Riding Shotgun: The Role of the COO

    “This small book greatly influenced my thinking about the CEO, COO and Management Team roles within companies — searching for ways to improve Management Team performance is the Holy Grail for me.”

    -Don Deieso, Chairman & CEO of WIRB-Copernicus Group

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0

    This excerpt articulates the benefits EQ has created over time… As the book states:

    “In the period [studied] 2003-2008, the percentage of people who were highly attuned to their own emotions and the emotions of other people rose from 13.7% to 18.3%. During that same period, the percentage of people with a poor understanding of how anxiety, frustration, and anger influenced their behavior dropped from 31.0% to 14.0%. When you applied these proportions to the 180 million people in America’s workforce at the time, it means that 9 million more people almost always kept their cool during headed conflicts.”

    Recommended by Joelle Marquis

  • Lessons in Leadership

    A follow up to Adubato’s You Are The Brand is his newest book, Lessons in Leadership. This book highlights the key elements of an impassioned speaker and takes the reader through powerful case studies spotlighting dozens of leaders on a business as well as a personal level, such as: Pope Francis; the late governor of New York, Mario Cuomo; and New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Steve takes his reader through his six “Stand & Deliver” presentation questions from identifying key messages for your audience to closing the deal with a “call to action.” This author provides practical tips and tools to build into great leaders’ presentation techniques.

    Recommended by Joelle Marquis

  • You Are the Brand

    Steve Adubato was a guest speaker at our August 2016 Human Resources Leadership Council conference in Princeton, NJ. His topics on Great Leaders Delivering Powerful Presentations, Embracing Change and Building Your Brand were extremely well received. His book profiles the brands of more than thirty people and companies and skillfully analyzes and dissects their strategies. This is a great read and demonstrates the fine line between shameless self-promotion and smart, strategic branding.

    Recommended by Joelle Marquis